New India projects

New India Projects

We are delighted to announce that our India office has just won two projects in Bhopal

This is a great beginning for our newly opened Indi office!
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Downturn in the economy affecting visitor numbers

Downturn in the economy affecting visitor numbers

Will the downturn in the economy affect your visitor numbers this year?

Almost certainly...

You have probably noticed, the current economic climate is, shall we say, challenging!

Visitor attractions across the USA and Europe are beginning to feel the strain as visitors stay home. Pay freezes; tax hikes, increasing fuel costs and the cost of living have put a strain on family budget like never before. It is not that visitors want to stay at home at the weekend and school holidays, it is that it just that the costs are too high for such a little return on that investment…

What families are looking for now, more than ever before, is value and a return on their investment. The investment being the financial and emotional cost of visiting your site set against the perceived value of the educational and entertainment (“edutainment”) experience they receive from your site. Remember, your admission fee is just a fraction of the total cost for a day-trip to a voisitor attraction.

So what is the real cost for a family of 4 for a one-day visit to a visitor centre, heritage site, museum, zoo, or fun park, etc.? Lets do some numbers:

Car fuel: = £40.00
Refreshments: £4.50 per head = £18.00
Lunch: £9.00 per head = £36.00
Parking = £10.00
Your admission fee £7.50 per head = £30.00
Souvenirs - $20.00

TOTAL £144.00

Add to that organization stress and trip stress involved in getting to your site and that is a big investment!

These are just general, relatively conservative estimates, however the fact is that a day-out visit for a family of four, to an average heritage site is going to cost around £144.00.

Is a 2-3 hour visit to your site really worth £144.00? Just how many videos and computer games could you buy with £144.00? Or, how about a trip to the cinema or day wandering around a garden centre, walking or cycling in the countryside or some other activity? All are likely to cost less than £144.00.

Remember too, that there is stiff competition for those precious visitors - there are more attractions for visitors to choose from today, than there has ever been, and yet the total number of visitors visiting heritage sites each year remains fairly static.

Look around - many of your competitors will be leaner, fitter businesses that offer a more engaging, fulfilling and better value visitor experience than you…

So what are you going to do? What’s your plan?

If you want to survive this economic downturn, you need to act, and act quickly!

If you need help developing your survival plan, speak to us at HDC and we will help you ride the storm to quieter waters!

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HDC joins forces with Fossil Graphics!

HDC joins forces with Fossil Graphics!

HDC is pleased to announce that it has teamed up with Fossil Industries in the USA to offer the HDC Fossil HPL interpretive panel.

These panels are far superior to anything else available on the market - they are virtualy indestructable and using Fossil's 12-colour digital printing, brighter, cleaner and more detailled and anything the competition has to offer. What is more all panels come with a 10-year gurantee and are built using environmentally ffrindly processes!
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