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Heritage Links

The following are some links to key heritage interpretation organisations from around the world.

NAI (National Association for Interpretation )
HDC Americas is a member of the US based National Association for Interpretation or NAI which is the leading professional association for those involved in the field of heritage interpretation. Find out more about NAI at: www.interpnet.com

AHI (Association for Heritage Interpretation)
HDC are full members of the UK based AHI which is the key forum for those interested in heritage interpretation in all its forms. The AHI aims to promote excellence in the practice and provision of interpretation and to gain wider recognition of heritage interpretation as a professional activity. To find out more about the Association for Heritage Interpretation visit: www.ahi.org.uk

Interpret Europe
European Association for Heritage Interpretation or 'Interpret Europe' fosters international collaboration, good practice and research in heritage interpretation in Europe. Find out more at: www.interpret-europe.net

Interpretation Australia
The heritage interpretation association for Australia. Visit their website to find out more: www.interpretationaustralia.asn.au

Interpretation Canada
Canada's heritage interpretation association. Visit their website here: www.interpscan.ca

Asociación para la Interpretación del Patrimonio
The Asociación para la Interpretación del Patrimonio or AIP is the Spanish based Association for Heritage Interpretation and the key forum for those interested in heritage interpretation in the Spanish-speaking world. To find out more visit: www.interpretaciondelpatrimonio.com

Interpret Scotland
Interpret Scotland is a Scotland based inter-agency initiative set up by a variety of organisations involved with heritage interpretation. Interpret Scotland began in 1997. Visit the Interpret Scotland website: https://interpretscotland.org.uk/

Museum Association
HDC is a member of the Museum Association. Visit the MA website: www.museumsassociation.org

Association of Independent Museums - AIM
The UK based Association of Independent Museums or AIM is the national body that connects, supports and represents independent museums in the UK. To find out more about Association of Independent Museums visit: www.aim-museums.co.uk or contact them at:

Group for Education in Museums
GEM membership is open to all those interested in advancing learning through museums and galleries. Members are working in museums and galleries, country houses, heritage sites, urban and countryside interpretative centres, science centres, schools and universities, and they may be full-time educators or other staff with an educational role. They interpret the environment, sites and collections in a wide variety of ways, promoting and exploiting their full potential as learning resources. Find out more at the GEM website: www.gem.org.uk

Tourism Society
HDC is a long standing member of the Tourism Society. The Tourism Society is the professional membership body for people working in all sectors of the visitor economy. Find out more at: www.tourismsociety.org

Association of Scottish Visitor Attractions
The Association of Scottish Visitor Attractions or ASVA is the Scottish based the Association for Scottish Visitor Attractions that was set up to promote quality in visitor attractions. Find out more about ASVA visit: www.asva.co.uk

National Recreation & Parks Association
National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA) is the leading non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of public parks, recreation and conservation in the USA. Find out more about the NRPA at: www.nrpa.org

International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS)
ICOMOS is a non-governmental international organisation dedicated to the conservation of the world's monuments and sites with 9,500 members in 151 countries. Find out more at https://www.icomos.org