HDC Americas Services - Assessing, evaluating and auditing heritage interpretation

Assessing, evaluating and auditing heritage interpretation

Just how interpretive is your interpretation? Is it effective? Does it address interpretive themes and accomplish LFD objectives? Or is your interpretation actually just information? Is your dwell time low and bored visitors leaving early?

Interpretation can be a big investment. It costs time, money and resources to plan, research, write, design, test, fabricate and install interpretation, so it would be sensible to evaluate whether you time and money was well spent!

Unfortunately a huge amount of the heritage interpretation we come across isn't actually interpretive and doesn't actually work. Heritage interpretation is a very specific way of communicating to an audience and most of the panels and exhibits we come across just don't qualify.

Be honest; is your heritage interpretation 'pseudo interpretation' or the real thing?
HDC Americas have been leading the way in the assessment, testing, evaluation and auditing of heritage interpretation exhibits, media and presentations for over 30-years. We have evaluated heritage interpretation in literally thousands of historic sites, museums, visitor centers, national parks, zoos, heritage regions, hiking trails and so on, in over 40 countries around the world. And we have also written books and run training courses in interpretive evaluation too!

So if you need some expert independent help assessing, testing, evaluating and auditing your heritage interpretation assets, please contact us.