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HDC Americas - Experts in interpretation planning

HDC Americas are one of a small handful of heritage interpretation consultants that are professionally trained and qualified to deliver heritage interpretation master planning.

Over the years we have developed thousands of interpretation plans, for clients in over 40 countries around the globe, making us the world leaders in the specialist field of interpretive planning - in fact many of the techniques and principles commonly used in interpretation planning today were developed by the HDC Americas team!

HDC Americas interpretation master planning strategies are used as a fundamental business planning tool at interpretation centers, museums, historic sites, heritage trails, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, nature reserves, zoos, historic towns and so on.

The process can also be scaled up and used as an interpretation systems planning strategy at a regional or even national level as the basic principles of interpretation planning remain fundamentally the same regardless of the size of the subject area.

Most interpretation consultants read the leading book on interpretation planning....We wrote it.

John Veverka is author of "Interpretive Master Planning", the world's best selling book on interpretation planning which is a key book on the reading list of most universities and colleges around the world and is the 'go-to' resources for museums, national parks, heritage organisations and even local, regional and national governments the world over. Find out more here...

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Follow the links below to learn about the different types of interpretation planning models.

Objective Based Interpretive Master Planning
Objective based interpretive master planning sometimes called outcome based interpretive master planning is a methodology designed and developed by the HDC team over the last 30 years. In our experience the best way to approach interpretive master planning is to look at the outcomes or objectives from the interpretive master planning efforts.

Benefits Based Interpretive Master Planning
Benefits based interpretive master planning is, in essence a up-scaled version of outcome based interpretive master planning designed for commercial sites, or those looking to identify a return on investment.

Media Based Interpretive Master Planning
Media based interpretive master planning - We see this approach used all the time and is the most commonly used interpretive master planning methodology we see used by inexperienced, untrained or unethical practitioners. This is a common approach used by most exhibit builders and it is an approach WE DON’T RECOMMEND!